Mass Stipends
Mass stipends originated to help Clergy keep body and soul together. Many missionary priests serving in parishes in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean are totally dependent on Mass Stipends for their income. For many of them, Stipends are all that stands between them and subsistence living. These funds support them as they journey to their mission communities which are often over great distances. These communities rely on these missionary priests for the sacramental and pastoral care they need. A rising fuel price is much greater in mission countries and puts a huge financial drain on missionary priests.  

Should your parish have surplus mass offerings, please send these to the National Director (Fr. Alexander Osei C.S.Sp.), Pontifical Mission Societies, 2219 Kennedy Road, Toronto, Ontario, M1T 3G5.


These offerings will be distributed to missionary priests in areas of the greatest need. What better gift is there than a Mass?

Promotion Ideas
  • Prepare the parish for Mission Sunday. Use the suggested inserts in your parish bulletin.
  • Encourage Pastoral Assistants and/or Catechists to use the Children and Youth’s World Mission liturgical materials.
  • Decorate the church with mission posters.

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