Today the universal Church celebrates World Mission Sunday. We recall as Catholics the mandate of Christ to spread the Gospel to the ends of the world. From the day of our Baptism, we have all been called and sent out to proclaim Christ to the world. Our focus today is on missionaries who preach the Gospel throughout the world. On this special Sunday, we are invited to support their effort as together we share the faith and bring hope to the weak and powerless.

Lord Jesus, you call us to show our faith in Action
Lord have mercy

Lord Jesus, you call us to persevere through Hope
Christ have mercy

Lord Jesus, you call us to work for Love
Lord have mercy
Exodus 17:8–13 – On our own, we can do nothing. Everything depends on mutual support and Cooperation.

INTRODUCTION TO PSALM 120(121): Although our mission is challenging and can be dangerous, God Guarantees his protection.

Second Reading : 2 Timothy 3:1–4:2 – We need to be prepared and equipped to carry out our mission mandate

Gospel : Luke 18:1–8 – Jesus told his listeners that it is right to pray always, continually without becoming weary

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