Today, with Catholics all over the world, we celebrate World Mission Sunday. We are called to this Eucharistic celebration to offer our prayers and our generous financial support, through the Propagtion of the Faith, to continue the mission of our Lord. We gather today precisely to worship God, creator of the universe and Lord of all. Even through God is all-powerful, he exercises his power by showing mercy to sinners.
          • Lord, you are kind and full of compassion; show to anger, abounding in love
Lord have mercy  
                • Lord, you are faithful in all yor works, and loving in all your deeds
Christ have mercy
                      • Lord, you support the weak, and raise up the fallen
Lord have mercy
                                                        • First Reading:  Isaiah 45:1, 4-6. – The return of the people from exile – a return made possible by King Cyrus-is seen as a sign of God’s love his people, Israel, and of his lordship over all peoples.
                                                        • Second Reading:  1 Thessalonians 1:1-5 – Here we see Paul’s concern for the Christians at Thessalonica
                                                        • Gospel Reading:  Matthew 22:15-21 – This is the story of an effort by the enemies of Jesus to trap him into saying something incriminating

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