Prop Appeal Letter 2014


Pope Francis urgently called all Christians to share the faith in his message for World Mission Day, saying that, in today’s troubled world, “it is necessary to proclaim courageously and in every situation the Gospel of Christ.”


In his message, our Holy Father stated the importance of reaching out to those on the margins of society.  “Each community is mature when it professes faith, celebrates it with joy, lives charity, proclaim the word of God endlessly, leaves one’s own to take it to the” Peripheries,” especially to those who have not yet had the opportunity to know Christ” he emphasized.


This call to evangelize is the very essence of our appeal to assist the church’s effort in spreading the Good News.  Evangelizing is not just a matter of words; it includes outreach to the poor helped by the work of the Society for the Propagation of the faith.  Our support of the Propagation of the Faith appeal stresses our commitment to Catholic Values in the spread of the Good News.  Today, I ask you to reach out to those who hunger and thirst for the Good News, those who do not yet know Christ or who have yet to experience His love.  Today, I ask you to live the gospel in both prayer and deed.  Our missionaries who serve the gospel by bringing its message to people around the world need your support.  Remember them in your prayers; assist them in their effort to meet the temporal needs of the poor and needy.


The society for the propagation of the Faith takes on the challenges and obstacles in presenting the gospel in today’s world.  The task is huge, but not insurmountable.  Let your prayer combined with your financial support represent your personal manifestation of mission for those yearning to experience the love of Christ.


Let this support be your personal response to assisting the society in meeting today’s mission challenges.  Your response joins you to those wishing to become members of the universal body of Christ. I thank you in advance, for your generous support.  Together, let us continue to pray for each other and the missions.  May God bless you always.

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