Population 1,266,883,598 (July 2016 est.)
Catholic Population 0.9%
Basic Indicators
Infant mortality rate per 1000 live births 40.5 (2016 est.)
Life expectancy at birth (years) 68.5 (2016 est.)
GDP – per capita (PPP) USD $6,200 (2015 est.)
Holy Childhood – 2016 Contribution of English Canada in US $92,390.00
Ordinary Subsidy – Archdiocese of Goa
    • Holy family Convent, Sancoale
    • St. Alex Orphanage, Calangute
    • St. Antony’s Home, Verna
    • St. Francis Xavier Centre, Kadamba
    • Gyanmata Hostel, Khanwel
Ordinary Subsidy – Diocese of Guntur
    • Mary Rose Buds school Cherukupalli
    • R.C.M Boarding Home, Bapatla
    • Dalit Vidhyarthi Vikasa kendra, Pedavadlapudi
Catholic Church, Bagidora, Diocese of Udaipur
    • Pushpa Sadan Church, Maska Mahuri
    • Jyoti Bhawan Hostel, Bhandaria
Source: Index Mundi – data portal that gathers facts and statistics from multiple sources Country by Country for global audience (2016)

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