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Posted On Monday, December 15, 2014 at 19:09
Be Amazing Friend for the MissionsLooking at the Child in the Manger, Child of peace, our thoughts turn to those children who are the most vulnerable ..” Pope Francis.       Christmas is upon us . This season touches one of the most loving moments of God’s encounter with humankind. His desire for our well-being shown in Jesus , Emmanuel- God is with us. As you are preparing  for Christmas, kindly keep the children in mind. Seeking always the best for our kids, know that so many children in our world are facing the challenges of poverty or immense suffering and violence. These , Pope Francis says  “are the most vulnerable,” and these children in our mission communities/families need us – through our support of the Holy Childhood Association, especially this Christmas season. Each year, 1,120 or more mission dioceses rely on your support , which this past year benefited more than 1 million children and their families in  Africa, Asia and around the world. This support / assistance includes projects for Education- from kindergarten through elementary school, health care, Hostels for orphans, School uniforms, medicines, constructions, etc.  There are also  children who learn of God’s immense love for us all- through programs for christian formation.   Be a friend for these children in the missions – to pray and provide that support, and so offer them through the loving care of Religious Sisters, priests and lay leaders, the love and hope that every child needs and should have. Please add the children of the missions- “the most Vulnerable” -to your gift list this Christmas.     Your prayers and gifts are Life-saving, life- giving, life – changing.  We pray that Jesus, may always be close to you and to your children and your family at large. Donate Now!

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