World Mission Sunday 2017

Posted On Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 10:21



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World Mission Sunday, the Church’s yearly Eucharistic celebration for missions and missionaries of the world will take place on October 22. The collection on that unique Sunday is global effort for the entire Church to provide for the building up of over one thousand dioceses in the Pacific Island, Asia, Africa, some part of Latin America and Europe.


Through the work of these dioceses (churches), and their faithful witness to Christ, the poor receive practical help and experience God’s love, mercy, hope and peace.


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This year, Pope Francis reminds us that Mission is at the Heart of Christian Faith; the materials for the World Mission Sunday from the society for the Propagation of the Faith encourage an ongoing formative relationship for mission.


New resources for World mission Sunday 2017 are available; please Click here.


Pope’s Message for World Mission Sunday can be found here


Please Click here for 2017 Catholic Church Statistics

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