Oct 20, 2013 – World Mission Sunday

Posted On Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 11:06
Today is World Mission Sunday. We, along with Catholics throughout the world, are called to offer our prayers and generous financial support through the Propagation of the Faith, for the worldwide mission of Jesus. Your gift on World Mission Sunday helps….
  • People in remote villages, towns and cities through the witness and work of missionaries and local priests.
  • Children, the elderly, refugees, the sick, and orphans through the service of Religious sisters and Brothers.
  • To bring the Gospel to the poorest of our human family.
  • Catechists proclaim the message of hope and peace that only Christ can give
Please offer prayer for the work of the Church today in the Missions of Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands and the remote regions of Latin America. Also, please be as generous as you can today, World Mission Sunday

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